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Penglipuran Traditional Village

Penglipuran Village is a traditional village countryside owning unique characteristic, socializing and culture. Geographically, it is about 45km from Denpasar, located in Kubu district, Bangli sub district and Bangli regency. The natural nature and environment is designating the pittance touch of modernization influence.

This village is supported by cool atmosphere because it is located on the height land about 700m above sea level and according to old doyens that this countryside is taken away from the word “Pengeling Pura” which means remember to ancestor, but there is also another perception that the word Penglipuran derived from “Pelipur” and “Lara” which mean entertainer at the time of experiencing a problem. It said that in former empire era, the king often used this area as a place to amuse himself, because its nature is beautiful and can give the peacefulness and inspiration.

The concept of “ Tri Mandala “ is applied in this village, which divided the village into three main parts. The holiest part is “Utama Mandala” which is located at the north part of the village where the temples are located, the second part is called “Madya Mandala” where the villagers live and do their activities, and the last part is “Nista Mandala” where the cemetery is located
The houses exist in this village from North to the South looks beautiful in particular Balinese traditional entrance gate which are made similar each other. When we step down to this village, we will see the Balinese houses are oriented northeastwards to mount Agung which is located in North – East of Bali Island. The structure of the houses each others are equal in particular condition, form, size and function except houses for family bedrooms.

The village leads by a leader called Bendesa Adat and assisted by Penyarikan. The village organization system is called “Ulu Apad” which is one of the oldest Balinese Organization Systems. In that system, there are 76 members become the representative of the village. The top 12 members is called “Kanca Roras”. The priest of the village is called Jero Kubayan, there are two Jero Kubayan they are Jero Kubayan Mucuk and Jero Kubayan Nyoman.